A controversial contestant on Married at First Sight has blasted his portrayal on the hit reality show as a "total fabrication".

Anthony Manton "married" flight attendant Nadia on the show, which pairs two strangers who first meet on their wedding day and then have every moment of their new relationship turned into television.

The outspoken Manton fired up about the show's editing during a recent interview with his TAB radio co-hosts, reported the The Daily Telegraph.

"Anyone who watches those reality shows and thinks they are real must still believe in the tooth fairy ... I know I haven't been portrayed in the best possible light. There's so much stuff that is edited out," Manton said.


During his time on the show, the vocal and often-snarky Manton has been portrayed as a super competitive control freak.

But Manton claimed he'd been painted as this series' "villain".

"In my case, there needs to be a villain in these shows, and I happen to be it on Married At First Sight," he said.

He went on to give an example of one clip played after four days of filming that showed him "blowing up about my WiFi connection".

"We went to the races in that time, we had dinner with friends and family during that time, we cooked for each other, we had some great moments - and what do they play?"

"In four days that's all they play, a 30 second clip. That's a great example of how heavily edited these shows are."

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