An imposter playing a dead wife - what the hell is happening on Neighbours?

Soap fans expect a fair bit of ridiculousness with their daily viewing, but a back-from-the-dead storyline on Neighbours is something else entirely.

The long-running Aussie soap excited fans last year when it was announced that Dee Bliss would return 11 years after she was driven off a cliff on her wedding day and declared lost at sea.

Bliss, played by Madeline West, recently returned to the show claiming to have lived for years in the wilderness suffering from amnesia.

However, after a few weeks of her worming her way back into the life of her ex Toadie Rebecchi, the show revealed that 'Dee' was actually Andrea, a catering worker who had teamed up with another long-departed character, Sindi Watts, to lay claim to the Bliss family fortune.


With Andrea played by West, the plot twist was barely plausible, but it sent fans into a frenzy with many wondering what future plot twists could be coming.

Others wondered if the twist could trump Neighbours' infamous dog dream sequence.

The storyline could take an even weirder turn. Digital Spy believes Andrea may turn out to be Dee. Andrea has started making comments as though she is really Dee, either settling a bit too deeply into her character or proving that the writers are just daring one another to see who can come up with the most ridiculous storyline.

It's not the first time the soap's plot twists have raised eyebrows.

Last year, Paige Smith and priest Jack made headlines for a bonkers plot which saw Paige jump out of a crashing hot air balloon, only to be rescued by the priest so they could have cold barnyard sex.

There's no word yet on how long the storyline will drag out for, but this is Neighbours, a town where good neighbours can become serial killers, adulterers or amnesia-struck suburbanites. Literally anything can happen.

Though, if Neighbours really wants to go viral, someone better ask Shortland Street how to do it properly.