Suicide Squad

was one of the most divisive films of 2016, yet if current plans for the sequel pan out the second round of backlash could well be worse.

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that DC Comics and Warner Bros are hoping to get Mel Gibson to direct the upcoming sequel.

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Talks have only just begun, so it is possible Gibson may not take on the role, but it would be a notable project for the director's career comeback.

Gibson's career took a dramatic fall after audio of him making anti-Semitic remarks while drunk were published in 2006, stopping him from starring in movies for nearly a decade.

But he made a comeback last year with the success of Hacksaw Ridge, a World War II action movie that has gone on to earn the Australian more nominations at this month's Academy Awards.

THR says Gibson is "familiarising himself" with the material for Suicide Squad 2, but that the studio is being "passive" with him.

The first Suicide Squad did well at the box office, earning more than US$745 million at the global box office, and was the fourth highest-grossing movie at the New Zealand box office.

However, the movie was slammed by critics, earning just 26 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes, leading some fans to call for the site to be disbanded.

The sequel does not yet have a release date.