It was supposed to be a hilarious gag that would win a lucky lady $1000 on Valentine's Day.

But when Aussie radio hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O asked a caller to tell her wife she wanted threesome, the pair almost broke up, the Daily Mail reports.
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As part of the gag, a caller named Marl called her wife Nicole and told her that she missed men and wanted the pair to have a threesome.

Nicole didn't find the suggestion at all funny, breaking down and crying 'Seriously, my wife is telling me she wants to be someone else!'


Marl was determined to win the money so she played along even when her partner was becoming upset.

'Are you serious? To be honest, no, it's not anything I'm interested in,' Nicole told her partner then added, 'Am I not good enough for you, is that what it is?'

She then became angry and told her wife, 'If it's something you want to do then maybe you should just go and do it.'

Marl pushed her wife, who has never had a relationship with a man, to the brink when she said she 'misses penis'.

Nicole broke down crying, 'Why the f**k would you marry me? I don't think I can be there when you get home.'

Kyle and Jackie realised the prank had gone way too far and stepped in to save the pair from splitting up on live radio. However all was not entirely well as Marl admitted at the end of the joke that she did in fact miss men 'a little'.