'Dubstep', 'penis' and 'Shortland Street' aren't words you'd expect to hear in the same sentence.

Thanks to the soap's latest cliffhanger, that's the world we find ourselves in now.

The long-running soap had the internet laughing with their dramatic new cliffhanger on Friday, in the now iconic moment when Dr Chris Warner faced his greatest fear: his son's penis.

Now, after only a few days, the clip has received a dubstep remix, giving the entire scene new meaning.


Shortland Street's epic 'penis' cliffhanger goes viral

Kiwi DJ Jar-No posted the remix on Monday night, and it has already racked up 345,000 views on Facebook, with 9000 likes to boot.

The DJ promised this morning that an extended video of the hit will land soon.

However, it's all fun for Michael Galvin, the actor who plays Chris Warner.

"It was a fun scene to shoot," he said in a statement. "We had to rehearse it a few times to get the laughs out of our system, and we did a few takes so Caroline Bell-Booth, our director, could choose the best one.

"I think it's extremely well written: Harry's dawning horror at what's happened, Chris trying to stay calm and rational and failing utterly, and the way it all builds toward that now classic line."

Michael Galvin, left, stars as Dr. Chris Warner as he confronts his son. Photo/TVNZ
Michael Galvin, left, stars as Dr. Chris Warner as he confronts his son. Photo/TVNZ

The dramatic storyline revolved around Harry Warner sending a dick pic to his pushy love interest Lily, who was desperate to lose her virginity to the teenager.

Unfortunately for them, the photo was shared with Dr Warner in the kind of embarrassing mix-up that seems unavoidable in Ferndale.

The story has attracted international attention thanks to British tabloid The Sun, which has written about the viral hit under the headline 'What a cock up'.

The original video on Shortland Street's Facebook page has been viewed more than 400,000 times since Sunday.

It seems that, just like Thingee's eye popping out, the line is already an instant Kiwi TV classic.