Syd has come into her solo career swinging - hard.

After leaving both Odd Future and The Internet for her first run at a solo career, she has never sounded better, vocally. It's FKA Twigs, Aaliyah, Solange and - at times - maybe even a little bit Beyonce (in sass if not in vocal range).

The production has a brooding, sexy, bass-heavy vibe similar to that on Ego Death, which Syd recently released with R&B/hip hop collective The Internet.

But more importantly, her raw and honest lyricism continues on in Fin, as she tackles everything from her anxiety and insecurities to lust and sex to love, and whether it's really love at all.


The album's opening line lays it all bare: "I'm drowning in doubt and frustration, can't sleep cause I'm anxious" and the final track is literally called Insecurities.

As with Ego Death, the most refreshing aspect of Syd's writing is her take on love and lust as a gay woman.

While she pays respect to women and feminism, she isn't afraid to get dirty. Drown in it croons: "Tonight I'm gonna swim in it, dive in it, drown in it, hide in it, babe", and Body - which Syd herself has called the "baby-making anthem of 2017" - takes it further: "Don't let go, I can hear your body when I pull your hair, what's my name?"

Fin is sexy, it's cool as hell and it is an unbelievably strong first solo effort.

Syd, Fin






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A strong, sexy solo debut well worth a listen - or 10.