Film licensing authorities in Uzbekistan have blocked the release of a home-grown action movie because it doesn't feature Morgan Freeman.

There are of course plenty of other movies not starring Morgan Freeman that Uzbek citizens are free to go and see.

However, the release of new thriller Daydi (Rogue) has been delayed after production company Timur Films was accused of using Mr Freeman's image prominently in promotional materials to give the false impression that he appears in the movie.

Posters for the film feature Morgan Freeman's face and, according to local news reports, the A-lister even appears briefly in the trailer - yet is nowhere to be seen in the film itself.


According to the government-affiliated Podrobno news agency says, the images of Morgan Freeman used to promote Daydi were taken from Last Knights, a poorly-received 2015 action adventure in which Freeman starred as a Moorish nobleman.

Daydi stars Uzbek actor Mirolim Qilichev as police officer who has to protect Uzbekistan from various nefarious assailants.

Timur Film has not yet commented over claims it falsely gave the impression the film features Morgan Freeman. Its release has now been postponed pending a ruling by two local authorities.

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