A day after the launch of his new single, Max Key has unveiled his global domination plans and admits he wants to be as big as Justin Bieber.

The son of former Prime Minister John Key, Max takes off his shirt and dons a variety of bandanas for six pages of topless photos in the latest edition of Woman's Day.

In the accompanying interview, the aspiring musician says he's not going to settle for anything less than being "the best in the world".

"I have always been a bit of a show pony. It's not that I want fame. I don't care about walking down the street and being recognised - that's not what I'm after," he says. "I want to play a show and people sing my music back. Or play a show and have people come because they enjoy my music. That's what matters to me."

Max, 21, released his new single overnight, a bouncy dance track called All The Way, featuring Carla Wehbe. The music video features a mystery blonde cavorting with Key on Fiji's Treasure Island.


In Woman's Day, in which Max poses for no less than 10 shirtless photos as well as the cover shot, Max hits back at haters who claim he's been living under the shadow of his father.

"At the start, no one thought I did anything. Everyone was always saying, 'Get a job!' I was actually at university, still working, being me ... but it pissed people off because they thought I sat at home, living off Dad."

In retaliation, he details his venture into making lemonade outside his parents' home, and says: "I love making money!"

He also admits to hating vegetables and eating a terrible diet that includes fast food four times a week.

But when it comes to his career as a DJ, Max admits he might always struggle to emerge from the shadow of his high profile father. He hopes his music is judged on its merits.

"I always laugh because even if I put something out that was actually made by amazing DJs like Steve Aoki or the Chainsmokers, I reckon people would still say, 'Oh, it's Max Key - this sucks'."

Max's previous singles have been heavily viewed, with Paradise gaining 798,388 views on YouTube, and Forget You gaining 165,703 listens on Spotify.