TV3 launched a new name, new look and new image last night, calling their rebranding "vibrant, playful and exciting".

Unfortunately, viewers haven't seen it the same way, with a flood of negative responses. One called it "genuinely terrible".

The network unveiled its new image during a glitzy event in Auckland last night, with TV3 being replaced by the name 'Three' - spelt '+HR=E'.

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Footage showing off the rebranding features some familiar TV3 faces, including Jono and Ben, Bachelor star Art Green, newsreaders Mike McRoberts and Sam Hayes, the stars of Westside, and, weirdly, Paul Henry, who left his show at the end of last year but will have a recurring role on The Project.

Inexplicably, it also features disgraced X Factor judge Natalia Kills.

In a voiceover, Family Feud host Dai Henwood describes the new look like this: "We've always been home to the people, places and faces you know and love, and now, our new look and feel is a true reflection of the vibrant, playful and inspiring world we've been creating all this time."

He also says: "It's not rocket science, but you get it - right?"

Viewers quickly took the network to task for its "desperate" attempt to rebrand itself.

"All fur coat and no knickers. Rebranding won't change the crap shows on offer. Same old, same old - no matter how you tart it up," wrote one viewer on Facebook.

"Dear TV3 people, stop embarrassing yourselves. Like for real," said another. A third simply said: "Idiots".

Dai Henwood and Samantha Hayes show off TV3's new look. Photo/TV3
Dai Henwood and Samantha Hayes show off TV3's new look. Photo/TV3

Many had issues with the word 'Three' being written as '+HR=E'.


"Nothing wrong with a rebrand but that logo is one of the worst I have seen," wrote one.

"You guys do know that the 7 Days team know kids who can draw, right? They'd come up with something better than '+HR=E'," wrote another.

On Twitter, users were equally outraged.

There was one tweet that had a different view.

In a statement, Andrew Szusterman, MediaWorks Chief Content Officer, said, "After nearly 15 years, what we have no longer reflects our channel."

He called the new look, "vibrant, playful and inspiring".


Chief Marketing Officer Andy Brown said: "It's an entire world for our content to live in, one that reflects who and what we are. We're a channel that entertains and informs Kiwis with the best local talent and content."

While the station has been rebranded and refreshed a couple of times over the years, this is the first major departure from the TV3 name it has carried since launching 28 years ago in 1989.