When noise makes you wanna go postal

The sound of people chewing, slurping, tapping, or humming can drive some people into a rage and it's not just a matter of being oversensitive to other people's bad manners. Misophonia describes the unreasonable emotions that well up inside some of us when we hear certain repetitive noises being made. There are no official criteria for misophonia and those who experience it often find it difficult to be taken seriously. While previous studies suggested that it could affect 20 per cent of the population and say the condition is associated with obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety, new research from Newcastle University in the UK has found evidence changes to the brain's frontal lobe are responsible. (Source: Newscientist.com)

Blame it on the bank account

To the reader who was charged a $3 fee: "This has nothing to do with a third party able to go into a bank with my account number and authorise my account to be charged a fee based on their deposit and everything to do with knowing and understanding what kind of bank account you have. ASB makes it clear if you have a Streamline account [I have one too] that this internet-based online account is charged fees for manual [i.e. branch] transactions. You need to make it clear to any purchasers that the account is for internet transfers only."

Malapropisms an all-ages affliction

1. An acquaintance told me her neighbour was a terrible driver on snow-covered roads because he pressed too hard on the "exhilarator".

2. A grandson in the USA suffered a dislocated patella and his mother announced to the family he would need to visit an "orthopod" (American slang for orthopaedic surgeon). A 6-year-old sibling announced he wanted to go along to see the whales, thinking his brother was going to see an orca pod.


3. Some years ago, our general manager was heard to ask his secretary to book him in for lunch at the "Regent Brassiere".

4. We have adopted these words because they are better than the correct word: "electrishman" instead of electrician (supplied by great-aunt), and "elbone" instead of elbow (supplied by 12-year-old daughter).

5. The other week a neighbour delighted in telling me how Mariah Carey had been caught out "limp-sinking".

6. My grandmother once returned from the doctor with distressing news that she had a "Bavarian cyst". Despite having three children she had never heard of ovaries.

Europhile anyone?
Europhile anyone? "A club for Herne Bay racketeers?" says Julia, aghast. "Why are we so ready to take on American spelling? The French derivatives have so much more intrigue and panache IMHO."

Gaucheness plus:

Trying to flog his house this billionaire pimps his million-dollar conversation piece -- a Tyrannosaurus skull -- in


Local: Under The Bridge is an authentic half hour documentary that follows three Papakura High students (and a new principal) who want to change the perception their community has of the school. A really good watch.

Video: Slow-mo popcorn with a rousing soundtrack? It's a beautiful thing...

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