Christina Applegate has hit back at Twitter trolls who said as a celebrity, she should stop talking about politics and "can't have a voice".

She said: "[It's] weird to me when you say I can't have a voice. I'm also a mother, a daughter and a human. I was birthed the same way you were."

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But one Twitter user accused her of being "completely out of touch with average American citizens", Applegate gave up trying to pull her punches, responding with a series of tweets so expletive-heavy she later had to apologise for them.


She responded: "No, I'm sorry! F**k you. I am a human being. I am an American. You have no idea of my life and what I have been through.

"I grew up in an abusive home. Now I make it public. Don't you dare say I don't understand. Don't you dare say I don't understand the struggles. We lived on food stamps. Don't you dare say I don't know," she wrote.

"Don't you dare say that because I made a life for me and my single mother I don't understand. Don't you dare say that I don't get it. Because I am an actress I don't get it. That's f**ked up."

She then went on to apologise for her "outburst" saying: "I'm just trying to deal with a mum I just want a safe place for her. I'm sorry for my language".