Rob Lowe is reportedly looking for a new personal assistant and the job has a unique set of requirements.

To make the cut, applicants must ensure the 52-year-old star eats regularly with 'coffee throughout the day', but most importantly 'never assumes anything'.

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TMZ is claiming that a new ad for a personal assistant posted to a job website is to work for the Parks and Recreation star.

According to the Daily Mail, Rob's team has denied that the ad pertains to any employment with him but told TMZ: 'We can confirm coffee is his number one priority in life.'


Sources insist to the website that the job ad is indeed to work for Rob and will pay a salary of US $70,000.

While 'never assume anything' is the top requirement, coming in a close second is making sure that Rob is fed and has coffee throughout the day.

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His assistant will also be required to schedule haircuts for him 'every episode'.

Rob is currently starring in CBS hospital drama Code Black as ruggedly well-groomed Dr. Ethan Willis.

Also listed on the job description is making sure the client (Rob) has his dinner planned out if he's late home.

The assistant will also need to manage staff at Rob's estate who will turn the Jacuzzi on for him or schedule a masseuse to help relieve his tired muscles after a long day on set.

The requirements

- Never assume anything
- Ensure client is fed and has coffee throughout the day
- Schedule haircuts every episode for the client
- Ensure that the client has a dinner plan if arriving home later than 8pm in the evening
- Make sure you let Estate staff know if the client wants a Jacuzzi turned on or a massage ordered for his arrival
- Willing to travel on location as requested and serve as the client's body man
- Able to lift up to 25 pounds (around 11kg) as required to support the client