Adele fans throughout the country were devastated when tickets to all three of her Auckland shows sold out in record breaking time.

Today, they get a rare second chance to see the singer. After reviewing the seating plan at Mt Smart stadium a final wave of tickets for all three shows will go onsale at midday today.

But you'll have to be quick - and extremely lucky - as they are expected to disappear just as quickly as the initial lot.

For promoter Michael Coppel it's been nothing short of a "sensational response".


"Being a promoter you have to have a gut feeling on how things will go," Coppel says. As President/CEO of concert promotion company Live Nation he must have pretty good instincts.

"Sometimes it turns out you're so drastically wrong that you scratch your head and say, 'how have I misread things so totally?'," Coppel laughs, before adding, "in this case we've been a little on the conservative side. Even we didn't anticipate the response."

A quick look at the numbers would suggest you don't need a finely honed gut to realise the acclaimed British singer/songwriter is a safe bet.

Adele's debut record 19 spent 55 weeks in our charts, peaking at No.3, before her second album 21 absolutely smashed that number, hitting No.1 and staying in the charts for an astonishing 217 weeks. Or to put it another way, more than four years. 25, her most recent album, was another No.1 chart-topper, staying in the charts for 60 weeks.

Coppel is not wrong when he describes the ticket demand as "phenomenal". All three shows immediately sold out - 120,000 tickets gone in less than 15 minutes.

"It's a record-breaking achievement," Coppel says. "No one's come close to that. It's exceeded every recent concert I can think of."

With so many people clamouring to see her, why not just add another night or two?

"The thing is, Adele is not the most enthusiastic touring artist, so we were lucky to get her," he says.

"Out of the 120-odd shows of her current world tour, NZ and Australia have 11. It's not a huge number. South America's missed out. Asia's missed out. Japan's missed out. China's missed out ... We're very fortunate."

Locking in the gigs was a 10-month long "battle royal" that began at the end of 2015 Coppel says, with promoters across the globe duking it out.

"It was an exhausting negotiation process because she's so popular and so much in demand that all our competitors were aggressively pursuing it. A lot of work has gone into it and we've had a lot of work as well because of the uniqueness of the production."

If you're one of the lucky ones going, this is a big deal. Adele's stage, circular in design and nicknamed 'the round', will be set up in the middle of Mt Smart, instead of at one of the ends.

"When you perform in the center of the venue you halve the distance to every seat beyond the halfway mark," Coppell says when asked how this benefits the audience. "It means the 40,000 people attending each night will have a much better experience and a much closer experience than they would have in a normal set up."

It hasn't been without challenges. The stage, specifically made to Adele's specifications and for these shows, takes four days to put up and two days to tear down.

But that's enough about work, what fun can punters expect?

"You can expect all the hits. Adele's very chatty on stage and connects with people. And people love that. It's not the perfectly honed machine like the other pop stars," he says.

"And her voice is just phenomenal. On record [it's] great. Live, even better. You just see the power and emotion. It will be a great experience."

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