Australian drama


scored an impressive six nods when the 2017 Academy Award nominations were announced overnight - but those in charge of the film's social media channels made a rather spectacular error in the rush to hype up their success.

Capitalising on their new-found Oscar approval, the official Facebook and Twitter accounts for the film were quick to herald the news of the nominations, including a best supporting actress nod for Nicole Kidman.

There was just one problem with the brand spanking new promotional pic the film's social media team uploaded to social media.



Poor Nicole Kidman. You turn in a sterling performance in one of the year's best films - hell, you even don a frizzy Kath Day-Knight-meets-Annie wig for the role - and fellow Aussie actress (and her longtime bestie) Naomi Watts gets all the credit.

Somewhere out there, a hapless social media intern is having a verrrrry bad day.

For the record:

NAOMI WATTS - The Ring, King Kong, The Impossible. Was shacked up with old mate Liev Schreiber. Not Nicole Kidman.

NICOLE KIDMAN - Moulin Rouge, The Hours, Lion. Shacked up with old mate Keith Urban. Not Naomi Watts.

Fans on social media were quick to point out the unfortunate error, linking to the offending picture - which now directs to this error notice:

This isn't the only online error to emerge in the wake of the Oscar noms - incredibly, the Academy Awards website briefly listed the wrong nominees for two of the night's biggest categories, Best Actor and Best Actress.

Tom Hanks and Amy Adams briefly made the list online at for their work in Sully and Arrival respectively - but were swiftly removed.

For the record, they're among the high-profile names who've been surprisingly snubbed from this year's Oscars. Way to rub salt in the wound, guys.

The 89th Annual Academy Awards will screen on SKY Movies Premiere, Monday, February 27 from 2.30pm.