When he burst onto the music scene as a teenager he had the world at his feet.

But it seems fallen rock star Daniel Johns, 37, is still struggling to cope with his time away from the limelight according to the Daily Mail.

A month after the former Silverchair front man stumbled shirtless through the streets of Sydney, he took to Instagram this week to detail what appears to be a meltdown.

Twice in the space of nine hours the musician shared blurry photos before adding an unusual caption.


"A lot of you have been mean lately. To that I can only say I love you," he captioned his first image.

Johns then upped the ante in his second shot, promising to delete his account on a photo that appeared to show him holding two fingers over the camera lense.

"I'm gonna delete this account soon but thanks so much to the nice people!" he said.

"Really, really thanks ! And to the cruel people... it's been an absolute pressure #
There's something bigger than all of us so love one another like a paper aeroplane that will land in a palm tree."

Just days earlier the rock star was at it again, sharing a number of selfies of himself and a friend pulling funny faces.

Shits getting excellent with Snob Scrilla( ghoooost )

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A week ago Johns was pictured in a black and white image hunched on a bench, flipping the bird to the camera with both hands.

Looking slightly disheveled, Daniel 's eyes reacted with the flash photography while he donned a crumpled lopsided velvet top hat.

Feeling the love

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The former Silverchair member displayed his arm and neck tattoos within a black singlet, that he partnered with oversized drop-crotch trousers.

Daniel appeared to have his signature black eyeliner applied under his eyes, while sporting an unshaven facial appearance.

He captioned the image: "Feeling the love."

The rock star appeared much worse for wear in December when he was seen collapsing in front of horrified onlookers in Sydney's exclusive suburb of Double Bay.

In broad daylight, Daniel was photographed shirtless and stumbling as he leaned on his friend Joshua Mullane for support.

The unshaven rocker had smeared pink lipstick and smudged black eyeliner across his face and was flaunting his various crude tattoos.

Johns led his rock band Silverchair for two decades between 1992 and 2011.

He has won 21 ARIA awards during his time in the band and as a single artist.