Charlie Sheen returned to the spotlight in a big way this week, proving to be just as unfiltered and unpredictable as ever during a slew of live television appearances.

The actor kicked things off on Wednesday night by stopping by Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen at 11pm, where he slammed Rihanna, mocked Jennifer Grey and spoke about a sexual encounter he had while riding in an elevator at Paris' most famous landmark, Daily Mail reports.

 'Someone call the hottie police because clearly there's been a jail break in Babeville,' said Sheen while appearing on The View (above with Joy Behar).
'Someone call the hottie police because clearly there's been a jail break in Babeville,' said Sheen while appearing on The View (above with Joy Behar).

Sheen also downed a few shots on the late-night show, but was still ready to go Thursday morning when his press tour continued with an 8:30am visit to Good Morning America.

He kicked off that interview by thanking the stylist who put together his outfit and the man who put :the meat in his teeth," then later promoted his new comedy Mad Families by shouting out: "I put the crack in Crackle."


Crackle is the distributor of Sheen's film.

Last, but not least, Sheen swung by The View to see Whoopi, Sunny, Joy, Sarah and Jedidiah.

"Someone call the hottie police because clearly there's been a jail break in Babeville, announced Sheen after greeting all five hosts.

Talk later turned to Donald Trump, with Sheen offering his opinion of the president-elect's real estate holdings by calling Mar-a-Lago a "fleabag s***hole."

It has been six years since Sheen was fired from his hit sitcom Two and a Half Men and began a downward spiral that began to turn around last November when he revealed that he was HIV-positive.

Following that diagnosis, he put an end to the drinking and drugging ways that had put his career on hold for the sake of his health, and now as a result is once again getting work and giving great interview.

Sheen started things off with a bang on Wednesday night, proving himself to be the perfect Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen guest when he appeared in the Bravo Clubhouse.

heen started off his interview on Good Morning America by thanking 'Stacy for delivering me on American Airlines' and 'Uncle Jack for all the meat in my teeth'.
heen started off his interview on Good Morning America by thanking 'Stacy for delivering me on American Airlines' and 'Uncle Jack for all the meat in my teeth'.

At the first commercial break Sheen, as is custom on the show, stood up to do a shot off the shot-ski with host Cohen and fellow guest Craig Robinson.

Sheen did not find the shot to be big enough however, and made everyone do a second.

The actor did not hold back on a number of topics, including his feelings about a number of Hollywood stars.

When asked about his Ferris Bueller's Day Off co-star Jennifer Grey, Sheen took aim at the actress' decision to get rhinoplasty, saying: "Talk about a nose job ruining a career."

As for his first thoughts when he learned Ashton Kucther was taking his role on Two and a Half Men, Sheen said: "My first reaction was: Who?"

Then, Sheen went after Rihanna.

"Oh, that b****," said Sheen when asked about the singer, when he feuded with three years ago.

"I think you just made it worse," said Robinson.

Sheen responded by saying: "No, she abandoned common courtesy and common sense."

The feud between the pair erupted after the singer refused Sheen when he sent a request to her table while dining at the same restaurant to ask if she would meet his fiancee at the time, Scottine Ross.

Sheen was told it was too crowded and that there were paparazzi everywhere, which he did not take well.

He later took to Twitter to launch a length attack on Rihanna, writing: "See ya on the way down."

Sheen also made a point of stressing he did not want to see the singer, saying: "Personally I couldn't pick her up out of a line-up at gunpoint."

Rihanna responded by changing her Twitter banner to a photo of her signing an autograph for a fan, with Sheen's face photoshopped on the person.

She then tweeted: "If that old queen don't get ha diapers out of a bunch..."

Oh, that b****,' said Sheen when asked about Rihanna, who mocked him on Twitter in 2013 Photo / Twitter
Oh, that b****,' said Sheen when asked about Rihanna, who mocked him on Twitter in 2013 Photo / Twitter

The actor also proved willing to share almost any detail of his life, which Cohen took advantage of by making him play Plead the Fifth.

Sheen was given three questions, of which he was only allowed to plead the fifth on one, and the actor succeeded in providing fantastic answers for two of the questions.

When asked by Cohen "where's the craziest place you had sex," Sheen racked his brain for a few seconds before saying: "Eiffel Tower ... elevator."

Sheen refused to answer the second question, which asked him to name a celebrity in the 80s or 90s who he hooked up with that would surprise the public.

The actor did however still provide a great response, saying: "She's so sweet and she's so beautiful and she's so famous and she's so cool that I'm gonna plead the fifth."

That meant he had to answer the third question, which asked him to rank for of his former co-stars: Selma Blair from Anger Management, Heather Locklear from Spin City, Lindsay Lohan from Scary Movie 5, and Jenny McCarthy from Two and a Half Men.

"Heather and then Heather," said Sheen, seeming to suggest that Locklear was the only one he was particularly fond of.

Then came Lohan, with Sheen saying: "Lindsay's a trip. She's work but she's cool. She's fun to look at."

And at the bottom were Blair and McCarthy, with the former having feuded with Sheen when they worked together and the latter making critical comments about him after his HIV diagnosis.

"I'd like to mash those two together and then kick them to the curb. They deserve each other," said Sheen.

From there it was back to the hotel before Sheen reappeared at Good Morning America on Thursday morning, one day after the show aired a taped interview about his life over the past year since his diagnosis.

He came out and gave hugs to all the anchors, before sitting down and quickly launching into a speech.

"I have to survive the next seven minutes. But I have to thank a few people," said Sheen, much to the confusion and delight of the hosts.

"I got to thank Carly at Neiman [Marcus] for looking like this and Stacy for delivering me on American Airlines and I got to thank Uncle Jack for all the meat in my teeth. That's all I got."

Later in the interview he said he was his mother's favorite child ahead of brothers Ramon and Emilio Estevez and his sister because "if you're a third son, then your mom's favorite because you remind her of your dad when they met."

Then he talked about some of his old films, including Shadow Conspiracy, which was released in 1997 and co-starred Donald Sutherland and Linda Hamilton.

"Here's what's radically bizarre. My life is all about cosmic collision courses," said Sheen.

"Yesterday I'm looking for a lighter, sorry, I still smoke, whatever, and I find the ID Card from that movie."

And after veering off topic for the fourth of fifth time, Sheen was asked: "Can we get back to the movie on Crackle? Mad families. What is it about?"

Sheen responded: "Can I just say this, I'm the guy that put the crack back in crackle.:

And with that the interview ended.

A few hours later Sheen was back at it again, gushing as he greeted the women of The View and gave each of them a kiss on the check.

"I just kissed five women and there's no deposition at the end of it," Sheen announced to the audience.

From there he talked a bit about his movie and a project he filmed with Whoopi, but mostly about Donald Trump.

"I got stuck in that 'fleabag s***hole called Mar-a-Lago, '' said Sheen.

"It was like the Playboy Mansion with rickets."

Sheen has previously been photographed with Trump at the estate, as his ex-wife Brooke Mueller's parents live nearby in Palm Beach and are friendly with Trump.

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That is not the case with Sheen, who has been open about his disdain for the president-elect and shared a less-than-flattering story about him on Thursday with The View ladies.

"He gave me fake cufflinks and said they were Harry Wintson worth US$100,000, diamond encrusted," said Sheen.

"They were cheap pewter with CZs (cubic zirconia).:

On a more serious note talk also turned to Sheen's health, with the actor being complimented by the woman about how well he was doing after his diagnosis.

"I feel really good," said Sheen.

"Not bad for a sick guy."