As one of the most sought after hunks in showbiz, Idris Elba isn't short of female admirers and now, you could actually spend Valentine's with him.

The Luther star, 44, is using his heartthrob status to land a Valentine's date and raise money for the "W.E. Can Lead" charity campaign at the same time, the Daily Mail reports.

The actor has filmed an hilarious tongue-in-cheek video, which has so far racked up an impressive 3.2 million views, giving a taste of what it's like to date him.

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Dressed in a suave grey suit and a bronze tie, Idris says to camera: 'I'd like you to be my Valentine. That's right, love. Just you and me, no one else around. Just us.'

Sitting comfortably in front of a period fire place, the actor explains how the date will begin with cocktails, or even champagne.

'Once we're feeling comfortable we can order whatever your heart desires,' said the star. 'Maybe some truffles, perhaps some steak, pepper soup and fufu - that's an African dish, and you pound the yams. And you know what? I'll let you pound my yams.

'For dessert you can have whatever you want, and I mean whatever you want.'

The W.E. Can Lead campaign works to empower and educate girls throughout Africa. The star urges viewers to visit to sign up and donate as he wants to see them on date.

Unsurprisingly, comments came flooding in, with one reading: 'Be right there! Just gotta figure out what to tell my husband. Be patient my Heimdall! Just kidding, couldn't attend without my hubby but hope some lucky lady has a great time!'

Another gushed: 'I think all my dreams have just come true! His voice seriously does something to me. I'm entering and you are gonna be so jealous when me and Idris are on date night.'

A third enthused: 'Oh my! I will smash the hell out his yams...he is everything, especially his voice...this is a sign to just go ahead and marry him.'

While one cheekily said: 'I'll just check with my hubby to see if he's ok with me meeting you - if not I'll meet you behind the bike shed ( I'm the one wearing a 'I love luther' badge)'

There appears to be many husbands out there in for a surprise, with another posting: 'I do believe I'll be donating my paycheck for the month if it means a date with Idris. I'm already telling my husband I have plans and they're not with him...'