On Wednesday, President Obama delivered his final address and in a matter of days, he'll be out of a job.

While he's flirted with the idea of a few jobs - becoming a professor, working in the community, owning an NBA team - Spotify has other ideas.

On Monday, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek offered Obama a job with the music streaming company as President of playlists.

It's common knowledge now that Obama is a big Spotify fan. He's released his own playlists on the music platform in the past, including compilations of summer music for the day and night and a workout playlist.


His wife Michelle also has some playlist-making skills, releasing her "girl power" playlist for the Let Girls Learn initiative on Spotify. Between that and the skills she displayed during her Carpool Karaoke appearance, she could easily be the First Lady of Playlists.

And the Bidens also made a summer playlist, so Obama could still have his right-hand man with him too.

According to Natalia Brzezinski, wife of Mark Brzezinski (former US ambassador to Sweden), Obama even previously expressed interest in a similar job.

"I'm still waiting for my job at Spotify ... Cuz' [sic] I know y'all loved my playlist," Brzezinski recounted Obama telling them, Quartz reports.

Requirements for the job include: "have good relationships with a wide range of artists and musicians" and "have at least eight years experience running a highly-regarded nation."

So while the rest of us could technically apply for the job, it's clearly being held for someone special.