In the late 1970s, while living in Los Angeles, I was invited on to the set of M*A*S*H. The episode they were filming was the one where the relatives back in the Unites States had arranged for a reunion.

I was introduced to the cast and Alan Alda and Mike Farrell were welcoming and charming, they even knew where "Noo Zeeland"was!! I had a nice chat with them and also spoke to Jamie Farr, Gary Burghoff and Harry Morgan. The cast referred to Harry Morgan as the ulimate gentleman and professional. Loretta Swit was more beautiful in person and very gracious. When introduced to David Ogden Stiers, I replied "How do you do". He scathingly and, I thought, very rudely said "what an antiquated English expression". Our conversation ended somewhat abruptly, needless to say.

We spoke for some time to William Christopher (Father Mulcahy). A delightful man, he told us how much he enjoyed working on the set. He lived in Pasadena with his family and said that he came to work each day just like any employee in any kind of work.

We watched the filming for a while, then our time was up. As M*A*S*H is my all time favourite american television show, this was a joy and a privilege and I was very warmly welcomed and not made to feel that I was intruding on their privacy. It was obviously an harmonious set and I spoke briefly with various production staff, but our time was limited. I came away feeling very privileged and grateful.