Two of the main stars from Napoleon Dynamite are back together 12 years after the quirky comedy was released.

Jon Heder (who played Napoleon) and Efren Ramirez (who played Pedro) have recreated one of their most memorable scenes from the movie to promote Burger King's Cheesy Tots in a new commercial.

And we all know how much Napoleon likes Tots.

The 2004 movie was made on a $US400,000 budget but went on to make more than $US46 million worldwide.


Last year caught up with the film's star, Jon Heder, to find out exactly what he thinks of the movie all these years later:

Would you be willing to do Napoleon Dynamite 2?

I would. I don't know if it's going to happen but you never know. Dumb and Dumber To came 20 years after the first one so we'll just have to wait and see.

How do you feel about the film now?

It's great that people are still so into it. I felt like when we made it that there was an ageless feel to it and it's nice to know that it's kind of stayed true all these years later. I get pictures sent to me all the time of friends of friends or kids who dress up as Napoleon or Pedro for Halloween and I love that.

What has surprised you most about peoples' reaction to the movie?

I never thought that peoples' favourite line would have been, "Tina you fat lard! Come get some dinner." That's definitely the fan favourite.

Which celebrity were you most delighted to discover is a Napoleon fan?

I read in an interview somewhere that Jerry Seinfeld said Napoleon Dynamite was his favourite comedy of the decade. That was pretty cool to hear.

How did you come up with Napoleon's sweet dance moves?
Those moves are from my years growing up watching Michael Jackson music videos on MTV. That's pretty much it.

And do you still dance like Napoleon or have you buried those moves?

I wouldn't say I buried it but I do release it sparingly. It's very private. I'm a private dancer.

Did you ever hear from Jamiroquai about the fact you danced to his song, Canned Heat?

I met him a year or so after the movie came out, but I don't know if he'd seen the movie because he didn't mention anything. I don't know how he feels about it so it would be cool to find out.