A young Kiwi has just made a major career move, accepting an internship at one of the biggest talk shows in the world, working with superstar Ellen Degeneres.

Murupara up-and-comer Fabian Anderson is now living in Los Angeles where he'll intern on Ellen.

Speaking in an interview with Paul Henry on Wednesday, Anderson said he was chosen for the gig because of his "charismatic" personality, but exactly what he'll be doing when he gets there is apparently being kept under wraps - even from him.

"I applied like any normal person online as a college student - I did everything normal, did the whole procedure and they loved me so they had me on straight away," he told Henry.


"They weren't expecting what I wrote down because I sounded really conservative on my essays, but when I came in it was like I had ADHD."

The young Kiwi has high hopes that if he does a good job and makes himself known around the studio lot, it could lead to a job, saying: "They better offer me something - I'll be irked if not."

Then, he hopes to graduate "like a good student - make my parents proud", and start from the bottom "doing the bum stuff" until he can work his way up.

Anderson's friends and family have taken to social media today to congratulate him on the gig, saying: "Who would of thought this tiki from good old Murupara would make it big aye...proud of you."

While another wrote: "Tiki meets world! Proud of you for making your dreams a reality, in the biggest way possible. You're no ordinary tiki so I can't say I'm surprised. Ellen won't know what's hit her".