Actress Amber Heard is being sued for NZ$14 million in a lawsuit that alleges she breached her contract for failing to appear nude.

Heard is being sued by the producers behind London Fields, an adaptation of the 1989 Martin Amis novel that premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year. The premiere was marred with controversy after none of the stars or the director showed up.

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Director Matthew Cullen, who is best known for Katy Perry's California Gurls and Dark Horse music videos, claimed that the producers have taken over the final cut and included imagery he wasn't happy with, and earned the support of his actors.


The production company, Nicola Six Limited, is fighting back, and claims Heard breached her contract by not showing up to the premiere, part of a "conspiracy to undermine the film".

Court documents obtained by The Hollywood Reporter also state that Heard "falsely claimed to Nicola Six that she had not contractually agreed to allow the use of nudity in the [movie]" and that due to her "improper refusal to act in provocative scenes contained in the pre-approved script" scenes had to rewritten.

Heard stars in London Fields as a psychic about to be murdered. Other cast members include Billy Bob Thorton, Jim Sturgess and Cara Delevigne. There is no word yet on if anyone else will face legal action for the movie asides from Heard and Cullen.

The film has become notable as it contained a brief supporting performance from Johnny Depp, Heard's then husband who she divorced earlier this year following domestic abuse claims. During their divorce proceedings, it was revealed that Depp had accused Heard of sleeping with Thorton while filming, a claim that Thorton quickly denied.

There is no release date set for London Fields, and it likely won't be seen again until the legal controversies are sorted.