They're known for their loved-up displays on red carpets, but according to Woman's Day magazine, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's marriage of 10 years could be at "make or break" point.

According to the publication, the Australian celebrity couple have enrolled in a two-day private retreat in a last-ditch attempt to save their relationship, The Daily Mail reports.

"Nicole and Keith have been battling problems for a long time now, and it's gotten to the point where it's make or break," a "close friend" told the magazine.

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It's also claimed: "Nicole has told friends they're giving their marriage three months and have decided to go their separate ways and consciously uncouple if they can't work through their problems."

It's understood the bootcamp, which starts at around $14,000 for a weekend, will give the pair a chance to air their grievances. Psychologists manage the sessions and help them work through their past problems.

It's not the first time the pair have been the subject of split rumours, with the duo spending plenty of time apart this year, because of their work commitments.

Keith Urban says there's no truth to the rumours the pair are struggling. Photo / Getty Images
Keith Urban says there's no truth to the rumours the pair are struggling. Photo / Getty Images

After not being seen together for two months between mid-August to mid-October, a source told Woman's Day at the time: "You have to wonder if there are fresh problems in their marriage, especially as they always make a big noise about how they hate spending time apart."

The insider added: "There have been plenty of opportunities for them to be together lately and they certainly haven't been rushing into each other's arms."

However, the couple have cosied up for a number of photos since, celebrating Urban's birthday together and sharing plenty of loved-up moments.

Recently, Urban slammed the persistent break-up rumours in an interview with the Today show, telling entertainment reporter Richard Wilkins: "People make up the most insane crap, and we kind of just roll with it".

"It does [annoy me], I want to live our life together, and the fact we live somewhere where we're not being photographed all the time - it makes it possible for people to make up that stuff because you're not always there to defend it."

He admits it annoys him, Urban says he and Kidman "just get on with living our lives".

The Nashville-based couple have two daughters together, Sunday Rose, 8, and Faith, 5.