In December of 2013, Leonard Cohen played what was to be his last show ever right here in New Zealand.

The Grand Tour made a run of four shows in New Zealand with the final stop being in Auckland at Vector Arena, where he played a three-hour set.

Legendary singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen has died, aged 82
Leonard Cohen had already made his peace with death and was 'ready to die'

There he said: "Friends, I want to thank you for the wonderful hospitality you've showed us tonight. I want to thank you not just for tonight, but for all the years you've paid attention to my songs. I really appreciate it."


And when the last song ended, the music legend removed his hat, took a bow and walked off into the darkness.

That was his last show ever.

He didn't tour in support of his 2014 release Popular Problems or 2015's Can't Forget: A Souvenir of the Grand Tour.

Last September he told fans: "No tours in the foreseeable future", and the following month he was making preparations to die.

Cohen, who passed away today (November 11), closed his final set in New Zealand with an encore consisting of I Tried to Leave You and a cover of the Drifters' Save the Last Dance for Me.