Lucy Lawless and Anika Moa have recreated the "magic moment" when Donald Trump called the Xena star's hotel room to ask her out.

Lawless last month confirmed the controversial US presidential candidate asked her out in 1997 after calling her New York hotel room, just after she'd become engaged to to her now husband, Rob Tappart.

"The thing that was funny about it, is that he said he had recently - and you could hear the inverted commas - 'just come on the market'. He'd just broken up with a person," Lawless said.

Watch the incident below:

Appearing on All Talk With Anika Moa, the Xena: Warrior Princess star discussed the encounter and re-enacted the phone call.


Moa asked Lawless what she would do if she had been grabbed by the Presidental nominee, to which Lawless replied: "I'd rip that merkin off his head."

Moa pretended to be Trump and, reading off a script, put on her best impression of the Republican candidate.

"Listen, sweety are you seeing anyone at the moment? Would you like to see some of the Donald?" Moa asked.

Anika Moa, wearing a Donald Trump hat, and Lucy Lawless on All Talk With Anika Moa.
Anika Moa, wearing a Donald Trump hat, and Lucy Lawless on All Talk With Anika Moa.

"Let me stop you there Donald," Lawless replied. "I'm not really 'on the market' mate, I just got engaged but thank you for asking. Can I interest you in making a donation to Greenpeace? They're doing some great work trying to save the planet."

"Nailed it," Lawless later said about the pair's Trump skit.

Lawless is an outspoken opponent of Trump, telling the Herald recently: "I'm not a fan on any level, I don't think. But I didn't have anything against him until he started talking about Mexicans."

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