Prominent British musicians have branded an X Factor contestant who performs hip-hop covers as racist and "a white lady that dresses up in Ali G" clothes.

Performer Honey G, who is competing in the current season of The X Factor UK, is a 35-year-old rapper from Harrow in North-West London whose real name is Anna Georgette Gilford.

She recently performed a version of Tupac's California Love wearing an all-gold tracksuit and has made it into X Factor's top 10 finalists.

Her performances have been branded racist by several prominent musicians, including pop star Lily Allen, who said, "I'm not black but I find it offensive," during a recent interview on Radio 1.


She continued: "As far as I can tell she is a white lady that dresses up in Ali G, Goldie Lookin Chain kind of attire ... So wrong on so many levels, I can't even start to talk about it."

Producer Professor Green called her presence on the show an "injustice," The Telegraph reported.

"I feel like she's taking the right mickey out of rap, and I feel like it's a bit of an injustice.

"It's an entertainment show but music is at the core of it, come on."

Gilford has defended her style, telling chat show This Morning that, "Any allegations of me being racist are completely false.

"All that stuff to do with me attacking black culture is utterly ridiculous. I've never said anything racist or behaved in that way. Just because I'm pushing music from a black origin doesn't mean I'm attacking black culture.

"They are using the race card against me. I feel like they are discriminating against me because I am white. I'm not the only white person in the world who likes black music.

"There's no evidence, proof or truth that I am a racist."

X Factor contestant Honey G has been criticised for appropriating hip-hop for her performances on the talent show.
X Factor contestant Honey G has been criticised for appropriating hip-hop for her performances on the talent show.

But Honey G has received support from one well known rapper.

"People be crazy saying Honey G's act is racist," 50 Cent told This Morning. "For anybody who thinks a white person performing music of black origin is racist, you know they don't know what racism really is."

And Snoop Dogg has also offered to work with her if she doesn't win X Factor UK.

"I am happy to see Simon (Cowell) is finally giving real hip-hop talent a chance on the show, it's been a long time coming," Snoop told The Daily Star.

"Straight up, you can tell Honey G comes from the streets."