Kiwi actor Russell Crowe has been accused of assaulting US rapper Azealia Banks at a party he was hosting in Los Angeles.

But witnesses reported Banks' behaviour was "erratic'' and Crowe had grabbed her in a bear hug and carried her out of the room after she threatened guests.

According to gossip website TMZ, Crowe had invited a small group of people to his Beverly Hills Hotel room in LA on Friday night, local time, for dinner and to listen to music.

Banks arrived with fellow artist RZA, who was invited.


Things started to turn sour when Banks reportedly criticised Crowe's music selection and called him and another guest "boring white men''.

TMZ said according to a witness, Banks then threatened guests, calling out: "You would love it if I broke my glass, stabbed you guys in the throat and blood would squirt everywhere like some real Tarantino s***.''

Witnesses told the website she then started dropping "n-bombs'.'

The rapper is then said to have reached for her glass and cocked it back - before Crowe stepped in to grab her in a bear hug and carried her out of the suite.

Security guards were quickly on the scene and removed Banks from the hotel's grounds.

Banks has since responded with a different view of events; saying Crowe assaulted her and called her a n*****.

Banks, 25, posted a photo of herself on her official Twitter page, saying: "No woman should ever fear speaking out about being a victim of any form of assault. No woman should be treated like this.''

She ended her post with the hashtag: #JusticeForAzealia