Not only is Lucy Lawless a kick-ass warrior princess, but she has a winning sense of humour too.

Lucy is starring in the TV series Ash vs. Evil Dead and has recently done a Q&A session on Tumblr.

And boy, did she have some smarty pants answers:

Tumblr user jayjay70 asked: "What music inspires you to get out of bed every day?"

Lucy Lawless (LL) replied with: "Tom Jones Sex Bomb"


An anonymous user asked: "What should I name my first child?"

LL: "Wax. Jermajesty"

thee-plithmus asked: "What was it like to go back in time to the Middle Ages?"

LL: "Let me tell ya. Smelly."

mysterious-cat asked: Know any good knock knock jokes?

LL: Trick question. There are no good knock knock jokes.

Anonymous asked: "What's your favourite meme?"

LL: "The one of me filming the last day of Xena and it said 'look at all the f***s I give.'"

And last but not least:

playedlikefidel asked: "Can you save us from the current clown epidemic??"

LL: "You mean the election? Only you can save you from that."