UK pop sensation Ellie Goulding has been left red-faced after an awkward grilling about her relationship with Prince Harry on Australian TV show, The Project.

Host Carrie Bickmore was quizzing the 29-year-old on whether she was pregnant with the royal's child, in an apparent dig at speculation in gossip magazines, but Goulding's embarrassment made it all a bit uncomfortable.

"Please don't let me go red," she replied, awkwardly looking away from the camera.

"I'm bright red. Why did I have a feeling that was going to come up?" she continued, while dramatically fanning her face.


Earlier this year, the Prince and pop star reportedly began texting following her split from Doug Poynter from British boy band McFly.

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They were also spotted flirting and kissing at a post-polo party in England in June, with a source claiming at the time: "Harry and Ellie only had eyes for each other all night - they spent a lot of time sitting together under blankets. They were seen having a kiss before Harry had to go because he was playing polo the next day. Ellie left about five minutes later."

The pair has known each other for years - Goulding sang at his 30th birthday two years ago, and also performed in the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games as a favour to him.