Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's bromance is under threat.

In a recently released video, the two famous friends are shown bickering back and forth over who is better mates with NFL legend, Tom Brady.

But it's all for a good cause.

The two movie stars have teamed up with the New England Patriots player to raise money for three different charities by raffling off the chance to hang out with all three of them.


"For just $10 you and friend can hang out with me and Tom Brady ... and I guess also Matt will be there," Affleck says in the video.

"Yeah and also me because I'm ALSO friends with Tom Brady," Damon replies.

"Sure, you know, lesser friends," Affleck adds.

The Hollywood megastars continue to argue about who is better mates with Brady in the mock Skype call and it doesn't take long for things to get personal.

"We can hang out, we can talk sport or politics or maybe Tom could tell you what his favourite movie of all time is," Damon says in an attempted to sell tickets.

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"Or maybe he'll tell you about the time you pressured him into wearing a Jason Bourne T-shirt and it was really uncomfortable for everyone," Affleck says.

"He still wore it," Damon replies.

"He felt bad for you," Affleck says.

Eventually the man himself calls through and encourages people to buy tickets, saying, "I can't wait to meet and tell you which one of these guys I actually like better".