There's a reason this kind of thing was acceptable in the 80s, it's just so damned catchy.

Here Scottish superstar producer Calvin Harris appropriates the percussive sound of the tropics pairing it with a bang on, four-to-the floor funky house beat and at least two sing-along hooks that'll be equally at home rocking out stadiums as well as this summer's pool parties.

Harris himself makes a rare appearance behind the mic to throw shade at either his famous ex or the supermarket chain he used to work at - depending on which version of the story you believe.

While his voice's a bit shaky - highlighting why he often brings in guests - it's entirely serviceable and in the context of the song effective.


Wisely, he doesn't overreach. Brilliantly, he keeps things simple.

The killer combo of its basic melody and overly repetitive lyrics ensures the song plays on in your head long after you've stopped listening.

My Way is a breezy tune. Harris' garnish of melancholic strings lending this otherwise summery cocktail a tad more zing than your standard dance floor ready anthem.

Calvin Harris
My Way
Verdict: The song of the summer - in spring!