Kaley Cuoco has started showjumping under a secret name.

The Big Bang Theory star has competed in a few events but uses an alias so she doesn't get mobbed by fans and paparazzi.

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, she said: "I actually started showing under a secret name ... I have a little bit of an alias. I've been trying to steer clear of being super noticeable but it's hard when you're being followed around ... I just tried to come up with something simple because it's always up on a big board so people walk by and they see the name.

"The problem is too in the horse world, a lot of people know what horses you ride and the names of them. My horses are becoming a little more famous than I am."


Meanwhile, the 30-year-old actress previously claimed she wouldn't "have her career" without horseriding.

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She said: "I have six horses, and they have been the biggest blessing in my life. Horseback riding is why I'm so centred, especially in this business. I wouldn't have my career without it."

And Kaley doesn't think her relationship with Karl Cook would be so strong if they didn't share a love for horses.

She explained: "When you share something so special, some sort of connection - for us, it's horses, but anything two people share - you have that common goal and you know that you want the same things in life, day to day, and in the future.

"It just sets you on a better path. Having a lot in common is really important and we definitely have a lot in common. I think that that's what makes us so strong and really happy."

- Bang! Showbiz