You may have bathed in the warm, comforting glow of a Fifty Shades-free few months, but the runaway erotic franchise has returned with a vengeance - and it's compelling you to "slip into something a shade darker".

The first poster for the sequel to the 2015 film adaptation of EL James' Fifty Shades of Grey was released through Twitter before the full two-minute trailer hit YouTube.

Set to a Miguel rendition of Beyonce's Crazy in Love, the trailer features Johnson and Dornan giving each other smoldering stares even through their masquerade attire.

The story deals with Christian's attempts to woo Ana back into his life.


Created by author EL James, the Fifty Shades series became a cultural phenomenon. The 2015 film, directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, grossed more than US$570 million worldwide.


filmmaker James Foley has taken over in the director's chair for

Fifty Shades Darker,

which hits theaters February 10, right in time for Valentine's Day.

- AP