The creator of an award-winning Kiwi sci-fi film is taking his movie on a 30-date tour around the country.

Christian Nicolson, the director, producer, lead actor, art director and editor of This Giant Papier Mache Boulder is Actually Really Heavy, will tour the country on a 30-date tour later this month to promote the film.

The film's tour starts in Wellington on September 20 and finishes up in Auckland on October 23. Nicolson will attend to host question and answer sessions after each screening.

The film was created on a shoestring over four years, with Nicolson using his North Shore home as a base to build props and create art to sell to fund the film. He called in help from family and friends


"A lot of people are in several roles and that's part of the humour. Some extras die and come back to life. It's a Monty Python approach," he told TimeOut.

It follows three geeks who find themselves stuck inside a B-grade film battling an evil race of aliens, and has already won several awards at film festivals overseas.

The most recent was the Independents Day Award at the Starburst International Film Festival held in Manchester.