Warning: this article contains Narcos spoilers.

Netflix's crime thriller Narcos has been recommissioned for two further series, it was confirmed today, with Eric Newman and José Padilha are set to return as executive producers.

Narcos, which dramatises the rise and fall of Colombian drugs baron Pablo Escobar, has been a critical success, with reviewers praising Brazilian actor Wagner Moura's central performance as Escobar.

But Moura may be leaving the show, after the second season showed the events leading up to Escobar's death in 1993, and the collapse of his Medellín drugs cartel.

When asked whether he would be returning for another series, Moura said: "I don't think so; I think I'm done with the Narcos world."


A teaser for the third and fourth seasons released today on YouTube shows Escobar fading away, only to be replaced by another shadowy figure.

Although fans will miss Moura's performance, the show's producers were keen to stress that the show can continue without him.

"We called the story 'Narcos' for a reason, not 'Pablo Escobar," Newman told Indiewire.

"Pablo Escobar is a small chapter in the many, many, many, many different players and situations in the last 30 years that have defined the cocaine business.

"If we could have come up with some rationale to keep him alive - you know, he's a ghost or he didn't really die - we would have," Newman continued. "But we just can't."