Lately it seems to be a case of another day, another pop star getting sued over copyright infringement - and today's no different.

With lawsuits popping up against a handful of her peers in recent weeks, Ariana Grande is now the latest singer on the chopping block.

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A lawsuit against her claims her hit One Last Time, rips off a song which released two years prior to hers, TMZ reports.


Songwriter Alex Greggs says he wrote and holds the copyright on the song Grande allegedly copied - the 2012 Skye Stevens tune, Takes All Night.

And he's claiming Grande and David Guetta - who produced Grande's track - copied the music and even some of the lyrics from his song.

The writer, who has previously worked with Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Janet and Michael Jackson, is reportedly suing for a portion of the profits from Grande's single.

Listen to the tracks yourself, below: