He might be best known now for his viral sensation Carpool Karaoke, but James Corden has been in the television game for decades - and there's video to prove it.

The Late, Late Show star celebrated his 38th birthday this week and to celebrate, the BBC posted a throwback from its archive, of a 1995 interview Corden did with Meatloaf.

Corden would have been just 17 years old at the time, but he had no trouble winning over the singer.

Corden also got a massive birthday surprise on his talk show when R&B super star Montell Jordan - who will be coming to New Zealand with TLC in November - appeared on the show.


Video messages were sent in by Corden's parents and sisters, his favourite soccer player, his favourite band (O-Town), and Montell Jordan, who then appeared in the studio to perform his hit This Is How We Do It for an emotional Corden.

Corden also recently teased the trailer to his newest upcoming Carpool Karaoke episode, featuring pop princess Britney Spears.

Spears doesn't actually appear to sing in the video, but Corden - as per usual - is having the time of his life.