Talk about lost in translation ... Patrick Dempsey had a crack at some Aussie lingo on TV this morning but accidentally ended up talking about erections.

The former Grey's Anatomy star appeared on Channel Nine's Today show with Renée Zellweger to promote their new movie, Bridget Jones's Baby.

After Renée Zellweger attempted to speak with an Aussie accent, co-host Lisa Wilkinson asked Dempsey if he'd like to have a go.

But instead of attempting an Aussie accent, he instead tried to show off his Aussie lingo.


"Traveller," he said, "Traveller's a beer you travel with right?"

Karl Stefanovic immediately burst into laughter with Richard Wilkins telling the movie star, "You're not supposed to say that".

A confused Dempsey asked, "What's a traveller? Have I just alienated everyone in the country?"

With Stefanovic still chuckling in the background, Wilkinson said, "All the blokes who are watching are sitting upright now".

The topic came up, so to speak, later in the interview when Dempsey again asked, "What the heck is a traveller?"

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Wilkins leaned over to the star and whispered the answer in his ear.

For those who aren't aware, "traveller" is a term used to describe an erection that develops while on public transport.


After being educated by Wilkins, a clearly embarrassed Dempsey said, "Oh, excuse me".

Bridget Jones's Baby is in cinemas September 15.