Some of rap's biggest players are experimenting with jazz - Kendrick Lamar, Anderson Paak. - so why not Kanye?

A Kanye fan and music maker decided to make a jazz-inspired Kanye remix album, and it's a whole new take on the Chicago rapper's sound.

The 22 year-old who goes by the name Big Willy, made the six-part playlist titled A Million A Minute, bringing together some of his favourite Kanye tracks and adding his own jazz instrumentals and press interview snippets over top.

According to hip hop news site Pigeons and Planes, Big Willy recorded the piano and bass on Garageband, recorded the saxophone over top and ripped some drums from YouTube to create the tracks.


It's not perfect by any means, but it's an interesting take on Kanye's sound, nonetheless.

Big Willy's Soundcloud also features a reggae remix of pop-rockers Fall Out Boy's hit Sugar We're Going Down, which you can listen to here.