Last season, The Walking Dead angered fans by leaving off on a massive cliffhanger - with all of our heroes at the mercy of new baddie Negan.

Someone died, but the camera faded to black before we found out who, so when season seven picks up in October, that's what fans are coming back to: saying goodbye to a core character.

There hasn't been a single clue as to who might have met their end...until now. AMC's season seven preview special may have just revealed who it was.

If you don't want to know, now's the time to stop reading, and definitely don't watch this video:


Yes, it doesn't look like much at first but the devil's in the detail.

That's Negan's lackey Dwight who has a long and hostile relationship with fan favourite Daryl Dixon, and not only is he riding Daryl's motorcycle, he's wearing Daryl's iconic angel-wing leather vest which the character is rarely seen without.

Question is: did he take them from Daryl's dead body? Or did he simply take them? Because last we saw Daryl he was in pretty bad shape anyway having been locked up Negan's crew.

We all know The Walking Dead loves a good fake-out (remember the time they made it look like Glenn died but actually he was hiding under a dumpster?) so this trailer might be just that. Or it could be a double fake-out and Daryl Dixon is really dead.

With Daryl, Rick, Michonne, Carl, Maggie, Glenn, Abraham, Sasha, Rosita, Aaron and Eugene on the line, we can start ruling people out.

First, production and cast of the show have said the death will be a game changer and will cause TWD world to "explode", so you can probably rule out those last five because they haven't been around long enough to cause that much impact.

Second, when Negan started selecting a victim he said: "Anybody moves, anybody says anything, cut the boy's other eye out and feed it to his father", which kind of sounds like he's planning on keeping Rick and Carl alive.

Which leaves us with Daryl and lovebirds Glenn and Maggie, who are about to become parents and frankly, a pregnancy and a baby are far too much drama to simply let go of at this point.

Which leaves us with Glenn and Daryl, and it's common knowledge that in the comic books the series is based on, it's Glenn that bites the dust.

Still, these guys have been known to totally shrug off the comic books in the past so who knows? But it's kind of fun to speculate until the show returns, which is due to happen on October 23 (US time).