Ten days have passed since what was thought to have been the release date for Frank Ocean's long-awaited second album, and yet, there is still no record.

Two weeks ago, the New York Times reported that Ocean's new album, Boys Don't Cry, would be released exclusively through Apple Music on August 5, and be accompanied by a video and a magazine - also titled Boys Don't Cry - made available at Apple stores.

The news followed a livestream, watched globally by fans through Apple's Safari browser, on Ocean's album website. Footage showed a blank studio space for several hours before a man - who may or may not have been Ocean - came on screen after several hours and chopped wood. No music was released.

Boys Don't Cry


, Ocean's second album was originally set for release in July 2015, three years after the release of his acclaimed debut,

Channel Orange.

As two Fridays, typically the release day for new music, have passed since the mysterious video, fans are getting impatient and starting to theorise about what has happened to Boys Don't Cry.

It will be released in 72 hours

The fact that Ocean's set-up seems relatively ready to go has led to speculation that the hold-up on the album is coming from Apple's side. In desperation, people have taken to asking the employees who answer Apple's support Live Chat when Boys Don't Cry is coming up - and some have answered that it could be this week.

Inspired by posts on Reddit, music writer Alex Silber used Live Chat and was told that Ocean's album would be released in 24-72 hours and that this timescale had been given by Ocean or his label, Def Jam.

It will be out in November

Ocean has been tracking the ever-changing release dates on his Boys Don't Cry website with this library card. As supposed release dates have come and gone, more credence has been given to the one saying November 13, 2016.

Boys Don't Cry magazine will be released digitally

Pages said to be from Ocean's Boys Don't Cry magazine emerged on Tumblr over a week ago, causing some people to think that it won't be a print publication, but part of a larger digital release to accompany the album.

On Reddit one user posted his interpretation of the code, suggesting that the site was ready for a far more elaborate upload than that which fans have already seen.

Neither the representative for Ocean nor Apple offered a comment to The Telegraph regarding the release. Until then, subscribe to (650)82OCEAN, a fan-built service that will email you when Boy's Don't Cry is released with a link to where you can listen to it. Nearly 14,000 people have signed up since it emerged online last week.

Alternatively, join in with the fans who are so devoted to Ocean that they have pushed Channel Orange back into the charts. Ocean's debut appeared at No 146 in the US chart Billboard 200 this weekend after a reported 40 per cent increase in sales (5,000 copies) and 35 per cent in audio and video streams.