Mariah Carey has not put her breast foot forward when it comes to showcasing her latest music tour.

TMZ has reported this morning that two major airports in the US state of California have banned Mariah Carey's new billboards for being "too sexy".

Carey is returning to Las Vegas later this month to promote her new show on The Super Sweet Fantasy Tour.

Reports state she shelled out thousands of dollars for the provocative photoshoot which feature her breasts on billboards at both the Burbank and Orange County airports - which are popular ports for regular Vegas-bound LA commuters.


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Both airports have said they are not happy with the amount of nudity featured on the billboards.

Caesers Palace, where Carey will perform her shows, wants a censored version of the billboard.

Carey is adamant she wants the original displayed in all its glory with her ample assets barely covered by a golden sheet.