Joe Jonas and Selena Gomez are gearing up for a high energy show in Auckland tonight, wrapping up the Pacific part of her Revival World Tour.

Jonas arrived in the country yesterday and will open for Gomez with his band DNCE at the Vector Arena.

Gomez is battling illness ahead of her first big New Zealand concert.

The Slow Down singer was worried she was going to have to cancel her show in Brisbane on Thursday because she was so sick - but the show went on and so did the after party.


On Snapchat, the 24-year-old singer told her fans that she wasn't feeling well and was concerned she may not be able to perform in Brisbane.

Gomez, however, powered on and thanked her concertgoers for singing along.

Despite being poorly, Gomez went on to celebrate her friend's 24th birthday that night, and even hit the dance floor.

"When my babies take me salsa dancing, even when they told me not to because I'm sick," she captioned an Instagram video. "I don't care."

Today the singer posted a video of herself while en route to Auckland from Australia in which she is seen sneezing into a handkerchief and appears to be still suffering from the effects of the cold.

"What is sneezing?" Gomez asks a female member of her her entourage, to be told "It's a tiny orgasm"

An incredulous Gomez replies: "Where is this information coming from?"

Addressing concerns Gomez might be unwell and unable to perform, Jonas said he'd seen her last night and "she seemed fine."

Speaking to the Herald, Jonas said this was his second time in New Zealand, the being first a "life changing" holiday in which he almost took a drunken tumble into Lake Wakatipu.

"I remember having a night where we went to a five star dinner and we spent good money to enjoy a 12 course meal," he remembered.

"I was just kind of coming into the age of learning how to really drink so I was pairing everything with wine and I almost fell in the lake on the way back to the hotel.

"It was a memorable trip."

Selena Gomez is performing her first big New Zealand concert tonight. Photo / AP
Selena Gomez is performing her first big New Zealand concert tonight. Photo / AP

There could be a repeat this time, he reckoned, with his birthday, the band's one year anniversary and a wrap of the first leg of the world tour.

"Selena's putting a little thing together, a party of some sort," Jonas said.

"They're going to surprise me - all I've requested is a little helicopter tour because that was one of my favourite things I did when we were here.

"I'm a really big Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fan so we're going to fly over where they shot that."

DNCE's opening act was going to be "pretty high energy," he said.

"We're a party band at its core where we just like to bring everybody lots of smiles and laughs.

"We take what we do really seriously but the elements of our show are very electric and visually stunning."

Finding out DNCE, his new project was popular down under had been a humbling realisation, Jonas said.

"It's amazing to know we have fans in all these different places."

The Jonas brothers (Joe and his siblings Nick and Kevin) starred in Disney films and TV shows when they were teenagers (Camp Rock, Jonas LA).

Gomez is also an ex-Disney kid, landing her first leading role as a teenager on Disney show Wizards of Waverly Place.