First they conned us all with a fake romantic scandal, but now the Block crew are genuinely trying to play match-maker - and failing.

On last night's episode of the show, it turned out Doug, one of the tradies helping Sam and Emmett had a bit of a crush on one of the female contestants.

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Sam got wind of it and, Sam being Sam, took it upon himself to introduce Doug to the apple of his eye - Niki.


The only problem was, he did it in the middle of what was frequently referred to as the wettest, busiest and most "chaotic" day on The Block, when the teams were just around the corner from the final tools-down.

So, once Doug and Niki finally met and shared an awkward hug, Niki started talking about how she could use help moving some sand, to which Doug replied: "I'll be happy to move your sand" as if it was some kind of euphemism.

After more awkwardness, Emma watching in horror and some terrible banter, Doug finally made a comment about team four, which evidently turned Niki right off.

She turned from him with little more than a "nice to meet ya" and that was all she wrote.

Speaking to the cameras alongside her teammate Tiff, Niki revealed it was all just a matter of having her priorities in check.

"I'm just not interested, I don't have time for this carry on, I've got a house to build," she said.

And Tiff added: "This has gotten way out of control", and was later seen looking close to tears over how much work they still had to do.

Still, Doug signed off with a hopeful: "If you need that sand moved later let me know".

A tip for any budding Bachelors out there: Timing is everything.

The Block NZ will continue on Sunday at 7pm and Monday-Wednesday at 7.30pm on TV3.