Khloe Kardashian has slammed critics who have accused her of going "too far" with her weight loss.

Kardashian, 32, showed off her dramatically slimmed-down figure in a strapless black jumpsuit while away with her famous sisters in San Diego.

But the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, 32, who was once dubbed the "fat Kardashian" for her curvy frame has hit back at critics who think she's lost too much weight.

"I need to remember the date today!!," Kardashian tweeted.


"Never would I have ever thought I would be in the media for being 'too skinny'. What on earth?!?!"

"First I'm too fat and now I'm too skinny," her second tweet read.

"I love this game!!"

The Kocktails With Khloe

host has documented her hardcore gym workouts on Snapchat, combining weights, the straimaster and long hikes to sculpt her figure, even wearing a jacket to help her sweat more. But some fans think the blonde has gone too far.

"If you had asked me two years ago if I would have the body I have now I would have said, 'No way, my body can't do that,'" Kardashian previously told People magazine.

"But, (I'm trying to be) healthy from the inside out, taking 20 vitamins every morning and drinking water.

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"That's how I want to age gracefully. I just want to be healthy from the inside out."

Meantime, Kardashian wrote that she is anti-dieting in her book, Strong Looks Better Naked.

"When you diet, you are basically setting yourself up for failure," Kardashian wrote in the self-help book, according to the Daily Mail. "I mean, the word die is in there!"

"You're not allowing yourself to enjoy the food you love, and it will only make you want it that much more.

"Make smart lifestyle changes, one baby step at a time."