New Zealand on Air is set to change the way it funds local content following a new survey into the way Kiwis consume media.

The announcement comes just days after the funding body was criticised for awarding almost $7 million for a second series of TV2 show Filthy Rich.

The survey, commissioned by NZoA, found that more Kiwis under the age of 40 watch video online and stream their music rather than listen to live radio.

However, traditional media continues to dominate our time, with Kiwis spending an average of 2.5 hours a day watching traditional, linear television and 1.5 hours listening to broadcast radio.


Unsurprisingly, the survey found media consumption changing rapidly, particularly amongst younger audiences, and a growing generational gap in how media was consumed.

NZoA chief executive Jane Wrightson says the survey findings present a challenge for the funding organisation.

"While the results show increasing erosion of traditional media strongholds, these platforms remain for the moment where the biggest audiences are, and for the longest periods of time."

She said they will be "diversifying our investments" as a result.

Changes to the NZoA funding structure will be announced later this year that will make the organisation "more flexible and responsive to ongoing change," according to Wrightson.

The announcement comes after The Spinoff editor Duncan Greive criticised the amount awarded for a second season of TV2 show Filthy Rich, after the first season received a critical mauling and lacklustre ratings.

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It received $6,896,419 in the latest funding round confirmed by NZoA.

* Read the full NZoA report here.