Fiona Connor takes in Broods' celebratory homecoming show in Auckland.

It was a showcase of talent that authenticated their escalating success and warranted their infiltration into the music scene not only across New Zealand but internationally.

Caleb and Georgia Nott stood tall and proud before the eager crowd, with a new found comfort perhaps discovered through the knowledge shared with them by the international stars they've recently supported on tour which include Ellie Goulding and Sam Smith.

They were stronger than before, settled and possessed a strong confidence as they welcomed the crowd gathered at Auckland's Vector Arena.

The pair, who now reside in Los Angeles, began with tracks from their recently released album Conscious and kicked things off with the track of the same name.


Both monochrome and vibrant-coloured lighting added flare to the on-stage appeal while complimenting their style.

The overshadowing sadness of Never Gonna Change prompted tuneless singing from the crowd who welcomed a recognitive song but failed to mimic Georgia Nott's impeccable capabilities.

Bedroom Door and Freak of Nature were performed with ease and well received though the audience participation dwindled, possibly unfamiliar with Broods' newer tunes.

Georgia Nott looked effortlessly in her element as she bounced across the stage gesturing with waving arms, her voice oozing of enthusiasm while Caleb Nott looked busy with his head down and bopped along to his sisters melodic raspy notes and skilful trills.

A stool each came out for an acoustic set and the pair showcased their untainted talent to smiles and wide-eyed fans.

The synchrony between the two was electric and focused.

They aced All Of Your Glory, and for 1000x introduced a special guest, Australian Jarryd James who features on the track. His voice was incredible, harmonising and fitting in to the group in his own unique way.

Sleep Baby Sleep was powerful before ditching the guitars and returning to the upbeat, electro-pop goodness they are renowned for.

They stood before fans who looked satisfied, excited and captivated, smashing out the first song they wrote with Joel Little, Pretty Thing, and off the new album We Had Everything.

Together they worked their way through hits off their first album Evergreen before moving on to up-and-comers from the new album.

Mother and Father was performed with heart, reaffirming why they have accomplished non-stop achievements before attacking Free with a ferocious audacity.

Their music bounced between the stadium walls and enthusiastic faces as Georgia Nott's voice sang out with a fire and purity that their two records is unable to capture.

"Love you Auckland" said Georgia Nott who was at times overwhelmed by the applause of the crowd.

It was raw and it was heartfelt; it was Broods.