Two Kiwi producers have given themselves a massive head start in the music industry by becoming master stalkers.

Will Thomas and Nick Chrisp are two 18-year-old music students from Auckland. By now, you might know them better as Sachi.

The pair have a handful of hit singles and will release their debut EP in Auckland today, by way of an already sold-out concert.

All of this has happened because of some sleuthing.


Every time a touring electronic artist came to New Zealand, the pair "stalked" them via social media, tracked them down and gave them a demo.

They approached some of the biggest names in the genre - including Skrillex, Steve Aoki and Bauer - to no avail. Until Diplo came to town.

The pair recognised him standing outside a Grey Lynn restaurant he had posted a picture of on social media, and jumped in the car.

They waited an hour or two while Diplo ate, then spotted his convoy of black SUVs, spied the star through a window and ran at him.

"It was definitely a hit operation," Chrisp laughs. "It was a bit [unreal]."

But Thomas says confidence is key: "You're not going to get shot or arrested ... So we were just like: we may as well.

"The whole thing unfolded in about five seconds. He wound down the window and I threw the USB stick in and yeah, six months later he played it on [BBC] Radio 1."

An impressive feat, considering they started out by playing in primary school bands with no knowledge of instruments, chords or lyrics.


They skipped music lessons and "just made a band". They played indie-punk and wrote songs about not being able to put names to faces.

It wasn't until the age of 13 or 14 that their musical tastes changed to electronic and hip-hop and they started making their own tracks.

They're the first to admit their early stuff "was not that good", but they've been at it ever since, spending the last two years cultivating their five-track EP, Lunch With Bianca.

"We wanted to make the EP to be like sitting down for lunch with Bianca and getting to know her," says Thomas.

But Bianca doesn't actually exist - "She's that person that everyone has in their lives. She's like the female protagonist in a film that we wrote, you know?" says Chrisp.

The EP's already got a great start, after Zane Lowe debuted one of the songs, South Central, featuring LA rapper Duckwrth, on Beats 1 on Wednesday morning.


"We're unbelievably stoked," says Thomas. "He's probably the biggest radio DJ in the world."

But when asked how they're feeling about this level of success, considering where they came from, they say: "This is just the beginning".

"It's sick, what's happened ... but it's not the type of stuff that will change you," says Chrisp.

Thomas says: "We just want to grow and be the best we can be."

Who: Auckland music producers, Sachi
What: Debut EP, Lunch With Bianca
Release date: Today on iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music.