To call yourself a superfan, do you buy all the albums, attend all the concerts and own at least three T-shirts?

Yes, yes and yes.

But some fans take things a little further. Like this one.

Trawling through the photo archives for this weekend's Glastonbury festival, we found a David Bowie fan so obsessed with the musical master she carried around a giant paper mache effigy of the man on her shoulders.


With the Ziggy Stardust lightening bolt down his face, and decked out with a white jacket and orange hair, the puppet is a brilliant likeness of the pop culture icon who died in January.

But to carry that on your shoulders around a festival stricken with mud, through fields bearing loads of up to 175,000 fans, that takes some dedication.

To David Bowie's biggest fan, you're crazy, but we salute you.