Funk-inspired jam-rap about robot sex? If there's one 90s band that should be well past their use-by date, it's the Chili Peppers.

They may be 33 years into a career that's proved Anthony Kiedis and co are stone-cold survivors, but there are songs on The Getaway that should not exist.

Like Go Robot, in which Kiedis rhymes lines like, "Spank you on your silver skin" with "Let me plug it in". But these are the Chili Peppers, and they've proved they can get away with anything - from long-term drug abuse to Dave Navarro and Stadium Arcadium.

The Getaway isn't a complete failure: Dark Necessities is a deliciously disturbed first single let down by its awful video, producer Danger Mouse gives them a moodier, orchestral blueprint to work with, and ballads Goodbye Angels and Encore come with crooned vocals and background gasps from a more confident Josh Klinghoffer.

There are moments of old: Chad Smith and Flea find their groove on Detroit, and the punkish tinge of This Ticonderoga sounds like a different band.


But this is the Chilis in 2016: Accepting of their past, confused about the future, happy to drop lyrical clunkers, still making occasionally enjoyable funk-inspired jam-rap.

Next time, just leave the robot sex out of it, lads.

Review: Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Getaway


Patchy return from veteran funk-rockers